About Our Firm

Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor team We call ourselves “team LOJET” for short. “LOJET” is the acronym for Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor and we are a team. Everyone here plays an important role in helping our clients. While our offices are spread out (Hickory, Charlotte and Greenville NC as well as Columbia SC) to better serve our clients, all of us on the team work seamlessly together to help you. Your first experience with our office may be with Tracey in Hickory answering your call or Jesse in Charlotte emailing you back in response to your needing legal help. One of these two may determine that you have a complex injury issue and get Cindy on the phone who is a skilled and experienced nurse in our Charlotte office. Perhaps you have a question about a potential case you have in South Carolina? Brian who is an experienced and skilled lawyer in our Columbia office may get on the phone with you. If Brian is unavailable maybe Jason (in Hickory) or lawyers Larry or Robert (both in Charlotte) jump on the phone with you, as they too practice in SC. Maybe you are an injured worker in Greenville NC and lawyers Will Wallace or Robyn Buckley (both in Charlotte) or Lawyer Tim Burch (in Greenville) may assist you. All of us at team LOJET are in constant contact with one another, and with you, to help you. Whether it is our Lawyers, case managers, investigators, nurse, record and bill retrieval experts, intake specialist, receptionist or assistant case managers, we all work together for you. If you need a firm to fight for you in North Carolina or South Carolina, from the coast to the mountains, give us a call. We represent injured Carolinians and those visiting the Carolinas, anywhere in the Carolinas. Collectively we have more than a century of combined legal experience helping injured people recover for their losses and we would like the opportunity to help you.

We also believe in giving back to the communities we serve. Every team member at LOJET picks a charity that is important to them and the team helps support their charity. Please take the time to browse our website and see the various charities we have adopted and the community events we participate in. While our offices are in Charlotte, Hickory, Greenville NC and Columbia SC, we support communities and projects and events in various cities throughout the Carolinas. You will find us at events in places like Gastonia, North Wilkesboro and Durham as well as Myrtle Beach and Rock Hill. It feels good to do good, and that is what we strive for in the court rooms and communities throughout the Carolinas.

We hope that after you look at our website, maybe talk to some folks in your community who you trust and respect, you call, email or come in and see us. If you cannot come to us and you would like to meet we can come to you. Talk to us about your case and let us give you our thoughts. Then, talk to some other law firms. Develop a frame of reference and find who you can communicate with, who you trust and who you think can get the job done for you successfully. We believe that given the opportunity, you will allow us to help you, and it will be a decision you will be pleased you made. Please take the time to look at the various types of cases we handle. Some areas of practice, like motor vehicle injuries, are common practice areas for lawyers. Like any profession some lawyers are better than others, and that is one reason we recommend you talk to more than one law firm about your case, so you can better decide who to trust with your case. You will also notice we handle some areas of practice many others firms do not handle. Cases involving commercial trucks are very different, as are medical malpractice, premise liability, inadequate security and unfair and deceptive fraud cases. You need to do more than find a law firm who wants your case, you need to find a firm who understands what it takes to win your case. We hope you never need an injury lawyer, but if you do, we hope you take the time and talk with us. In any case, we wish you and yours health and happiness. Sincerely,- Jason

Client Reviews
"… Larry and his team took over and were able to get us a fair settlement in a short time. I would highly recommend Larry and his team to anyone that finds themselves in an unfortunate situation where they're trying to get an insurance company to treat them fairly. Larry and his team get 5 stars from us! Josh J.
"Eileen and Jason, There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for entrusting your law office with my MVA. I commend and admire your expertise wholeheartedly and with utmost respect. You and Jason have helped me so much so I can better focus on caring for my 3 year old daughter and one year old son. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for either of you now or in the future. N
"Every single person that my family and I came into contact with was so nice, helpful, and thoughtful. I cannot say enough to sing the praises of Jason Taylor and his staff. You helped us navigate through a difficult time in our lives with such compassion and we are eternally grateful for everything. A. and B. D.