Busting Myths about Auto Accident Claims


Car accidents are, unfortunately, more common in the US than one might expect. Did you know that six million accidents occur annually in the US — that’s nearly 16,438 collisions daily? Also, that:

  • Over 90 people die in car crashes daily
  • 3 million individuals in the U.S. are injured every year in automobile accidents
  • Around 2 million drivers in car accidents experience permanent injuries annually

Since accidents are so common, it has resulted in tons of myths. Accident victims who believe in these myths may become vulnerable to other parties involved.

Therefore, you shouldn’t let any car accident myth ruffle you up and keep you from making decisions in your interests. You need to take all factors into consideration, and you should manage the process after the accident the right way. If you proceed carefully after an accident, you can improve your chance of being compensated for your damages suffered during the accident.

Here, we mention some myths that you should debunk before they start playing with your mind:

Myth#1— I Don’t Need an Auto Accident Lawyer in North Carolina Because My Insurance Company Will Take Care of Me.

As insurance companies provide payments in times of need, most people believe that they will be quickly covered by the adjuster for the losses and injuries incurred. However, the truth of the matter is that these companies are profit-driven businesses, and some of them may be looking to limit their liability. The process of getting a settlement is harder, and you may get a low ball offer that won’t cover for the financial cost that you had to bear because of the accident. Thus, as some insurance adjusters work to lower liability, you may need an attorney to fight for your rights and for fair value for your auto accident claim. Put simply, with a lawyer by your side, you will have a much better chance of getting full and fair compensation.

Myth#2— Attorneys are Always Too Expensive

Many auto accident victims avoid hiring an attorney because they view it as a legal expense. They think that they are already crippled financially with medical expenses and property damage, and the last thing they want is another expense by hiring an attorney. Their perception is that attorneys charge for every minute of consultation, asking for a hefty sum for case representation, but that is not necessarily the case.

An attorney may not cost you much upfront, and they will fight zealously to protect your rights. Personal injury attorneys can help you gain a lot more through your compensation claim than what you would be paying them. So trusting an attorney with your case can give you a real advantage.

Also, some auto accident lawyers in North Carolina work on a contingency basis, meaning you would not have to bear any kind of legal expense before or during the case. You would have to pay them only if you are compensated. So, you might not be charged a dime, unless you get your auto accident compensation.

Myth# 3—I Will Handle My Claim

Some people think that they don’t need a lawyer and can file a claim on their own. However, after being injured and going through recovery, the last thing you want is more stress, which means you should not be handling your accident claims.

From evidence collection to paperwork filing, and negotiation with the insurer, it involves a lot of hard work, time and patience to file and handle an auto accident claim. Needless to say, all this can be extremely stressful if you’re doing it on your own with no legal representation.

Hence, it is advisable to work with a lawyer who, on your behalf, can manage all aspects of your case with the goal of a smooth and stress-free compensation recovery process for you.

Myth#4—I Can File an Auto Accident Claim Any Time

That’s not the way that you should go about if you want to file a claim. The North Carolina statute of limitations for car accident claims is three years from the date of the accident. So, if you want to get compensated, you must file your auto accident claim within this time frame. Failure to do so can result in no compensation at all as you may lose your right to pursue compensation in a court of law.

Moreover, it is advisable to take action fast and avoid delay because you could lose crucial evidence that can otherwise help build a strong case against the defendant. Therefore, act fast before it’s too late. File a claim right away, so that you can pursue your claim. After three years, the court may not accept your case and you would have zero chances of getting any amount of compensation.

Myth#5—Insurers Always Offer A Fair Settlement

Not really. In fact, some insurers might reach out and try to get a statement from you which can be used to lower your claim. Some insurers visit victims after the accident and ask leading questions to elicit answers which can be used to lower claims. Therefore, avoid making any statement after your accident. Let your attorney fight your case and pursue a fair settlement.

For more information or legal representation, contact us today. Let us help you file your auto accident claim and fight for you to be compensated fairly.

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