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With summer approaching, warm weather and vacation time will be plenty of reason for more Americans to hit the roadways, including those who choose to travel on two wheels.  During the summer months, North Carolina and other neighboring states see an influx of motorcycle riders, some of whom are passing through on long road trips, attending local bike rallies and motorcycle events, or simply enjoying the warm weather on the open road. However you choose to enjoy your time on your bike, our legal team at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor wants you to remember that safety should always be the primary focus.

If you or a loved one are a motorcycle enthusiast or enjoy getting out on your bike from time to time, you are well aware of the risks riders face. In fact, motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable people on public roads and highways, simply because they have no protection to shield them during collisions, including collisions with motorists who cause preventable wrecks as a result of their negligence or wrongful acts.

Because you can’t rely on others to operate their vehicles safely at all times, all riders who plan on hitting the road this summer should remind themselves of a few importing riding tips:

motorcycle accidentsRiding a motorcycle is an incredible thrill, allowing a rider to enjoy the open air without being encumbered by the exterior that encloses drivers. However, the same features that make a motorcycle alluring are the same features that make it inherently more dangerous than a car. As such, motorcyclists need to be doubly aware of safety and take extra precautions to ensure that a fun ride does not turn into a tragic one. Here are some of the most common motorcycle accidents and tips on how to avoid them.

The car in front of you turns left. This is one of the most common motorcycle accidents and can occur for a number of reasons. A driver might fail to see you or misjudge your speed. Motorcycles are smaller than cars and can easily hide within the blind spots of motor vehicles. While drivers should keep an eye out for you, it is not something you should assume or rely on. Do your part to maintain your own safety and keep an eye out for signs that may indicate a driver might turn in front of you.

Hitting gravel on a blind corner. When riding out on a road with twists and turns, a rider might get carried away and end up hitting gravel, sand, or some other obstruction while turning a corner. Instead of getting caught off guard, ride at a pace that allows you the proper reaction time for your range of vision.

what to give a motorcyclist.

The season of giving rapidly approaching. For most Americans, the holidays bring the pressure to find the perfect gift for every relative and friend. If you are wondering what to give a loved one who is a motorcycle rider, take a look at a list of gift ideas we have compiled. As a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, I know what bikers like and what they need to stay safe on the road.

Top Five Gift Ideas for Motorcyclists

Clear Riding Glasses. During the day, a motorcyclist needs a pair of sunglasses to cut down on glare and wind in his or her eyes. At night, the motorcyclist still needs eye protection – but he or she also needs to see in the darkness with a pair of clear riding glasses. It is good to have an extra pair of clear glasses, or a pair of clear glasses for each motorcycle if you have more than one bike. A pair of clear glasses is a thoughtful gift for the rider in your life, reminding him or her that you care. In our experience, having a pair of clear glasses for each bike avoids the issue of always trying to remember to grab the right glasses when switching motorcycles. Starting at about $10 and up, a pair of clear riding glasses will not bust your holiday gift budget.

A Portable Battery Charger. This time of year, a dead battery can leave a motorcyclist stranded on the roadside on a cold, dark Carolina night looking for help from a passing motorist. A portable battery jump starter is a nice gift idea and can get your rider rolling down the road again A portable battery charger can be a lifesaver, particularly for a motorcyclist who enjoys rides through sparsely-populated areas.


Autumn is the best time of year for motorcycle riding in North Carolina. In addition to the pageantry of fall colors in North Carolina’s mountains, the weather is cooler and the air is crisp and refreshing.

At the Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, we love to ride motorcycles, especially at this time of the year. A big part of our law practice is advocating for motorcycle safety and representing motorcycle riders who have been injured by careless motorists.

Fall Rides in North Carolina

Here are our three favorite fall motorcycle rides in Western North Carolina, which don’t take all day to get to from the Hickory and Charlotte areas of North Carolina, or even from as far away as the Columbia, S.C., area.:

riding a motorcylce

For many motorcyclists, the call of the road gets stronger as the weather warms. More motorcyclists enjoy riding with friends on spring and summer weekends and commuting to work by bike. Riding a motorcycle has a lot of appeal, but sharing the road with cars and trucks who are not alert for motorcyclists can be dangerous.

Here are some tips to keep in mind anytime you get on your motorcycle in North Carolina or South Carolina:

Ride Distraction-Free

One of the most important things that you can do as a motorcyclist is to ride without distractions. When you are distracted, it is harder to keep track of the position of other cars and trucks on the road. It can increase your risk of being in an accident. Riding distraction-free means keeping music at a reasonable volume, keeping both eyes focused on the road, and never using a cellphone or handheld mobile device while operating a motorcycle.

motorcycle gang

Last year, the windjammers Annual Toy Run welcomed more than 250 riders committed to bringing Christmas to children in need. This year, the motorcycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor P.C. hope that even more riders will show up, and we are committed to participating ourselves as well. Whether you are a motorcyclist yourself or are just interested in helping children in need this holiday season, here is what you need to know about the Windjammers Annual Toy Run:

What is the Windjammers Annual Toy Run?

Sponsored by the Windjammers Motorcycle Club, the 23rdWindjammers Annual Toy Run is a charitable event that is organized on behalf of children in the Cleveland County foster care system. Any monetary donations that are made will go to Children’s Homes of Cleveland County.

The annual toy run is a group motorcycle ride. All riders who wish to participate are asked to bring either an unwrapped gift for a child, a monetary donation, or both. However, you do not have to ride to attend the event or make a contribution.


Motorcycle groups in counties throughout North Carolina are organizing group rides to collect toys for kids who Santa might otherwise overlook this holiday season. Lincoln County will be hosting its annual Toy Run for Kids on December 12, 2015. The motorcycle accident attorneys of The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. will be there, and we hope to see you there, too.

The Purpose of the Lincoln County Toy Run for Kids

The purpose of the Lincoln County toy run is simply to collect unused and unopened toys for children in need. Toys can be purchased for young children of any age, and act as the registration fee for the rider interested in participating in this event.

Important Details You Need to Know

The ride will begin at Ingles Market, 2130 E. Main Street, Lincolnton at promptly 11 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 12. The ride will conclude at approximately 12:00 p.m., according to page 14 of Full Throttle. In addition to new unwrapped toys, gently used winter gear, such as hats and gloves, are also appreciated. The event benefits the Lincoln County Christian Ministries. You can request more information about the event by calling 908-429-6877. The ride will conclude at Christian Ministries, located downtown.

It is that time of year again! The 15th annual Vets’ Christmas Charity Ride is scheduled to take place in less than two weeks’ time. As the slogan of the ride says, “If we don’t bring it, they don’t get it. Help bring Christmas to our veterans at Dorn VA hospital.” The motorcycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor will be participating in helping to bring Christmas to injured veterans, and we hope that you will be, too.

A History of the Ride

According to, the Vets’ Christmas Charity Ride was founded in 2000 by three men, all of whom shared a unique goal of bringing Christmas to the hospitalized veterans at Dorn VA Medical Center.

Motorcycle Traffic

With Christmas and the holiday season quickly approaching, there is no better time to participate in charity and give back to those in the community in which you live. This year, the annual CBA Toys for Tots Charity Ride will take place on December 6, 2015 in Matthews, North Carolina. If you are a biker in Charlotte, North Carolina, you are invited to come out and participate in this philanthropic event.

What is the CBA Annual Toy Run/Toys for Tots Charity Ride?

The ride is organized as a fun event for motorcyclists with an altruistic purpose: to collect toys for children in the community who otherwise would not be receiving any. All interested bikers are asked to bring a new, unwrapped toy as his or her registration fee. All toys collected will be donated to children in need.

Who Participates in the Toys for Tots Charity Ride?

All bikers with a valid motorcycle license in North Carolina are invited to join in the Toys for Tots Charity Ride. The motorcycle accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. will also be participating in the event. We will be bringing our own bus, and running a booth at the event site. At the end of the day, we will pack up and meet the riders at the Harley-Davidson dealership to finish out the day.

man on motorcycle
The most recent statistics about motorcycle accidents in North Carolina show that more than eight out of 10 motorcycle wrecks result in injuries. There are far fewer motorcycle accident fatalities, but they still occur at a rate of about two dozen a month during the summer.

The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles says there were 3,893 motorcycle accidents in North Carolina in 2013, the latest DMV statistics available. Of these, 81 percent resulted in an injury and 154 crashes caused someone’s death. Many accidents are caused frankly by other motorists who fail to stay alert for motorcyclists. But it’s still the bikers who typically pay the price for another motorist’s mistake, especially in a collision with a car or truck.

The same report also shows 656 moped accidents with 571 injuries (87 percent) and 25 fatal crashes, and 173 motor scooter or motor bike accidents, with 154 injuries (89 percent) and nine fatalities.

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