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a-dedication-to-those-weve-lost-as-they-served-our-country-i-painted-my-own-hand-captured-the-shot_t20_yvo07L-300x200 It goes without saying that you don’t discuss politics or religion if you want to keep from upsetting some folks. So, I am going to briefly discuss both J. I hope you can not only tolerate my comments but go a step further and perhaps rethink your perspective, even if  you disagree with mine.  I want to discuss these issues in the context of the Bill of Rights. I am in the business of helping people, defending and fighting for their rights. All people. I believe in the Bill of Rights with every part of my being. According to the Bill of Rights it does not matter if you are straight or gay, black or white, man or women, republican or democrat or any “one off” from what I have listed.  We all have the same rights recognized and granted to us in the first ten amendments  to the US Constitution.

Under Amendment 1, we all have the right to believe in whatever religion we choose, including no religion. Each of these are equal, none greater than another. While I am not a huge fan of ORGANIZED religion (of any kind), I respect your right to believe, as well as your right not to. We are also granted the right to freedom of speech and freedom of the press. So, say and think what you like, but make sure you stop talking and let others do the same. You are not necessarily right; you are opinionated. Let others give their “2 cents” and if you have an open mind you might learn something. Let the press do their job and be thankful, even if you don’t like their slanted view, that they have a RIGHT to report it. I miss the days of straight forward news reporting instead of the opinionated perspectives we get today, but they are FREE to do it that way. Fortunately, you can get the facts if you change the channel and learn to listen and determine your own opinions. I encourage you to stop regurgitating  the sound bites you hear and get the full story, contemplate it and share “your thoughts” not as truth but as “your thoughts.”

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