Giving Back

Personal Injury Attorneys Giving Back to North & South Carolina

The staff and attorneys of The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor believe in giving back to our communities.

We operate like a family and because of that we support as a firm those causes our coworkers believe in. We do this through financial support, legal advice and physical work. While we frequently support other charitable causes, the law firm takes a special interest in the ones mentioned below. The importance of these organizations is obvious in the statements by the co-workers who chose them.

Along with our other contributions, we give back to our communities through the following organizations:

Muscular Dystrophy Association - We make an annual financial contribution to MDA and consider it one of our core causes. MDA provides countless services to children and adults stricken with muscular dystrophy and other diseases that cause weakened muscle strength and limited mobility.

Over the years, we have represented a number of clients who have suffered with a neuromuscular disease and we have appreciated the incredibly debilitating effect of these diseases. At the same time, we have maintained a close relationship with many Harley Davidson dealerships and participated in their support for MDA. However, the biggest catalyst for our involvement must be Todd Dewey, a man I met when I first moved to Charlotte over 25 years ago. Todd was with the sheriff’s department then and took a week of his vacation every summer to help at the MDA camp (he did this every year long before we met and he still does this today) and he would get his entire family to do a Thanksgiving dinner for families and have toys for all of the kids. Todd became a physical therapist if I remember correctly and then got into fitting people for their wheel chairs and basically fighting to make sure these folks have what they need to improve their lives. My hair stands up on my arms when I think about what he has done for those suffering and particularly those suffering from neuromuscular diseases. It is through these inspirational relationships we have become a proud supporter of MDA.

Food Banks: Every Friday, our staff brings in canned goods or $1.00 in exchange for casual dress that day. Every dollar they bring in buys more canned goods and the firm matches every case of food that the staff generates for donation through food banks to hungry people. In addition, we do a Holiday Food drive in November and December.

Food Banks Jet Gator Logo

The Bikers and Needy Children Foundation: We are a Charter Member of this nonprofit charity organization. For every case we handle for a biker, including cases that do not involve motorcycles, we make a contribution to the foundation in the name of our client out of the fees for our services. Bikers for Bikers was founded to assist injured bikers and needy children.

As a rider and injury lawyer, I appreciate the hardship suffered by an injured biker. While you are laid up in the hospital the mortgage is still due, or the rent, the power bill, etc. This organization helps those injured bikers by paying bills when they don't have the resources to do it. Founded by Mickey Carter, aka Bear, a fellow biker, with a simple mission statement: “ No biker brother or sister, or needy child go without food, electricity, or medical needs while suffering from an injury.” Bear and I met years ago over lunch half way between his home and mine. I was so impressed with his efforts I shook his hand and said “we're in”. We became a charter member and have been supporting the group ever since. Bear and his wife Jeanie work tirelessly to help others in need and they remain an inspiration to me, and a worthy cause I feel lucky to be able to support

Susan G. Komen - We proudly support Susan G. Komen, one of the largest breast cancer organizations in the U.S. This foundation funds research for a cure and raises awareness about breast cancer, which is vital to successful outcomes because early detection is key.

My mother passed away at age 52 from breast cancer. I lost my very best friend. I have two daughters and would like very much for a cure to be found to stop this terrible disease. Breast Cancer awareness is so important as early detection is key. This foundation funds research for a cure and raises awareness.

Shriners Hospitals for Children - Our team has personally seen the work the Shriners do in providing world-class medical care to disabled children at no cost to the children or their families, and continues to support them in their mission to deliver high quality care.

I have family that are Shriners. I've personally seen the good work the Shriners do in providing world-class medical care to disabled children at no cost to the children or their families.

Camp LUCK - Camp LUCK was created by the family of a member of our legal team to provide a healthy, worry-free, and medically supervised environment for children with congenital heart disease.

Camp LUCK Mckenzie Jackson

Camp LUCK is more than a camp. My brother was born with Congenital Heart Disease. He passed away when we was 17 due to complications of surgery. Jacob and my mom created this camp a year before he passed to provide a healthy worry-free, medically supervised environment for children with congenital heart disease. Jacob's heart continues to beat for me through Camp LUCK.

American Red Cross - American Red Cross has made a huge impact on the lives of so many people whom have fell victim to natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, and more. American Red Cross is such a crucial charity that provides so many various and complex resources to victims and communities that face devastation which is why stand behind American Red Cross.

Habitat for Humanity - Habitat for Humanity is a global nonprofit organization that helps homeowners build their own homes alongside volunteers and pay an affordable mortgage. We support this charity because we know that eligible families are immensely grateful for having a place they can call their own.

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization all over the world that help homeowners build their own homes alongside volunteers and homeowner pay an affordable mortgage. I support this charity because my cousin was eligible for this program 3 years ago and now own their home. They were able to afford the mortgage payment through Habitat for Humanity. I personally knew many other families that were eligible for this program and was so grateful for having a place to call home.

Sipe’s Orchard - Sipe's Orchard is a program that offers hope to homeless, disadvantaged youth. The program provides co-ed housing, in a very structured environment, to youth ages 17 to 21 years of age who do not have the financial ability or the skills to live independently. Sipe's Orchard offers vocational training, meals, transportation, and a support system to give them a helping hand and a head start on an independent life.

Sipe’s Orchard Eileen Desimone

This foundation means a lot to me as I have seen too many kids fall through the cracks without help and nowhere to turn. As a parent and grandparent, it is important to me that all kids have a chance in life.

Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte - The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte supports families affected by down syndrome and is committed to helping individuals reach their full potential. Our team has donated to the Buddy Walk to raise money for this charity for years. This charity also not only serves Mecklenburg County but also the surrounding counties, including South Carolina.

Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte Robyn Buckley

I have multiple friends who have children with Down Syndrome and have personally donated to the Buddy Walk to raise money for this charity for years. Further, my uncle is mentally disabled, and while not with Down Syndrome, I have seen firsthand how programs like the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte help not only those who have Down Syndrome but their families and loved ones as well by helping them reach their full potential and giving them confidence in their abilities.

Easterseals UCP - Easterseals helps children, adults and families dealing with severe physical and mental disabilities. Easterseals strives to help people in living independently and living happy and rewarding lives. We have personally seen the life-changing benefits that Easterseals has provided and know how crucial these services are to the community.

Easterseals UCP Attorney Lawrence Serbin

Easterseals helps to serve many people who have no other options and nowhere else to turn. I have personally seen the life-changing benefits that Easterseals has provided and know how crucial these services are to the community.

Women's Resource Center - Women’s Resource Center assists countless women and families in this region, offering help to those in need; affirmation to those in transition; encouragement to those seeking growth; hope to those who are searching; and empowerment to all who desire whole, healthy and vibrant lives. They work diligently to help local women achieve self-sufficiency. They discourage dependence on government assisted programs as a way of life. They help women improve their self-confidence and self-esteem through their many programs that target making better decisions, setting boundaries and achieving financial security through employment.

Women's Resource Center Attorney Billie Frano

I have known and seen too many women in my lifetime go through various hardships such as mental and physical abuse, economic dependency, and plain neglect; being held back from reaching full potential. The impact that these conditions have on our children and society are horrific. Therefore, I believe in every single aspect that the Women’s Resource Center offers for women. I am passionate about helping this organization in all ways possible and so happy to work for a company that stands behind that passion and cause.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation - The Charity I hold dear to me is the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It is a nonprofit that provides free services to people that have MS and their families. My aunt who is such an amazing woman has MS and has been combating it for a very long time. MS can be very severe causing vision loss, pain, fatigue, and impairment. It is also incurable which is why organizations like this one are so important. They help to provide assistance for a lifelong condition.

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Hillary Silver

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provide unrestricted funds to their member hospitals through national and local partnerships, programs and events. We take pride in keeping these funds within the community in which they are raised. Locally, Children’s Miracle Network donations provide grants for pediatric service line enhancements; empowering administration with the resources necessary to introduce and maintain transformational medical programs, specialized equipment, and support services at pediatric facilities affiliated with Levine Children’s Hospital.

As a mother and aunt of small children, a place like Levine is invaluable. I feel safe knowing that if any of my little loved ones needed life-saving care, they can get the treatment they need here.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals logo Erica Lewis - Legal Assistant
Combining Legal Work With Community Service

We handle all kinds of injury cases, from trucking, airplane, boat, car and motorcycle collisions to trip and fall, inadequate security, nursing home abuse and neglect. We are also people who enjoy various aspects of life and when possible, incorporate our personal interest into our work life.

The firm handles a significant number of motorcycle injury cases in large part because lead attorney Jason Taylor has spent a large portion of his life riding motorcycles and is an active member in the motorcycle community. As a part of that community the firm is a Charter Member of Bikers for Bikers Foundation and donates money to the organization in the names of our injured motorcycle clients. The firm has also actively supported the Concerned Bikers Association and the Harley Owners Group. Jason has recently taken up flying and has a Cessna 180 Superhawk, which means we will likely see him getting involved in the flying community and doing more aviation cases. We are very much neighbors in our various communities and enjoy getting involved and helping each other.

With our roots here in North Carolina, we serve Boone, Asheville, Statesville, and Gastonia. We are proud to take cases from all of North and South Carolina with offices in Charlotte, Hickory, and Columbia, South Carolina.

Our Firm’s Philosophy

Our firm’s policy of contributing and giving back to the community is in keeping with our general approach and the basic philosophy of our law firm. We treat our clients like family. Our North & South Carolina lawyers and staff are down to earth people who genuinely care about other people.

We take pride in helping our clients who have been seriously injured or lost a loved one. Our goal is to help them obtain the compensation they need and deserve to cover their medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses and move forward with their lives. If they cannot come to us because of their injuries, we can and will go to them.

If you would like to meet our team and discuss a legal issue, call (800) 351-3008.

Client Reviews
"… Larry and his team took over and were able to get us a fair settlement in a short time. I would highly recommend Larry and his team to anyone that finds themselves in an unfortunate situation where they're trying to get an insurance company to treat them fairly. Larry and his team get 5 stars from us! Josh J.
"Eileen and Jason, There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for entrusting your law office with my MVA. I commend and admire your expertise wholeheartedly and with utmost respect. You and Jason have helped me so much so I can better focus on caring for my 3 year old daughter and one year old son. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for either of you now or in the future. N
"Every single person that my family and I came into contact with was so nice, helpful, and thoughtful. I cannot say enough to sing the praises of Jason Taylor and his staff. You helped us navigate through a difficult time in our lives with such compassion and we are eternally grateful for everything. A. and B. D.