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According to a research study published by the US EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), one in four women is a sexual harassment victim at work. It translates into a staggering 85 percent of women being sexually harassed in the workplace. Despite the prevalence of sexual harassment, it is often difficult to distinguish the behavior and signs.

This is primarily because of two reasons—the office culture and the manager.

A woman on a wheelchair
Pain and suffering are most certainly experienced after you are in a severe accident. The injuries incurred in an accident can put you in physical pain and mental distress, especially when someone else’s negligence or fault caused the accident. Mental and emotional pain may include grief, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fear. Pain and suffering entail the emotional, physical, and mental stress that the victim goes through after the accident and during the recovery phase. And sometimes, it may last a lifetime, especially if the accident results in paralysis or permanent disability.

By state law, accident victims have the right to seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages. Pain and suffering fall under the latter, which means you may be eligible for compensation, but how much is the real challenge. Medical treatments, lost wages, and property damage are simple to calculate as they comprise measurable items like medical bills and receipts. As they are easier to document, you can easily justify your claim amount. The challenge occurs when getting compensation for pain and suffering, as they are challenging to document. This is where you can count on our seasoned auto accident lawyer in North Carolina. Our experience and extensive knowledge about the laws and legal procedures enable us to help our clients pursue the compensation they deserve for economic and non-economic damages. Simply stated, we fight for you to be compensated for physical injuries and pain and suffering.

Motorcycle crash
Riding a motorcycle is thrilling. The wind gushing through the hair and the fast momentum on a clear road is an experience that every motorcycle rider wants to enjoy—at least once, if not frequently. Although it is super exciting to ride a motorcycle, it is, at the same time, challenging, especially if you have an accident. Since it lacks proper safety, injuries are likely to be severe, resulting in multiple surgeries, costly medical treatments, and a long recovery time, which can last for weeks- sometimes even months and years, mainly if it results in a temporary disability paralysis.

All of this can burden you financially. That’s precisely why the law gives you the right to file a motorcycle accident claim so that you can pursue the compensation you need to seek proper treatment and get on the road to recovery. However, the worst-case scenario is when your claim gets declined and rejected.

judges gavel and the word immunity
If you follow the news these days, chances are that you’ve heard about a contentious debate regarding immunity. In 2020, this has come up often in the context of immunity for law enforcement officers in the wake of allegations of police brutality. This is usually described as a “controversial” topic. However, it is my belief that if average citizens looked at this closer, there would be overwhelming support for doing away with or severely limiting immunity for law enforcement.

What is it?

guy in surgical mask with covid-19 picture
On March 13, 2020, North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley essentially suspended any and all jury trials (other than those that were already empaneled) in the entire state of North Carolina for a minimum of thirty days. Now, five months later, jury trials have still not resumed anywhere in North Carolina. In fact, as of Chief Justice Beasley’s most recent Order dated August 24, 2020, no jury trials will resume prior to October 1, 2020.

Additionally, prior to jury trials being able to resume, Chief Justice Beasley has required that each District’s Resident Superior Court Judge must present her with a formal Jury Trial Resumption Plan by the end of September 2020. To give you some idea as to the scope of this undertaking, there are 41 separate Judicial Districts in North Carolina. Additionally, the Resident Superior Court Judge may even require a separate plan for District Court if it is deemed necessary.

guy hurt after car accident
You’ve been in a car wreck and you have medical bills stacking up. You may have health insurance that covers the bills, or you may be uninsured. In either case, is the full amount of your full medical bills recoverable if you’ve been in a car wreck in North Carolina?

The answer to that question unfortunately is generally no. In 2011, the North Carolina Legislature passed a law, which is referred to as Rule 414. The Rule states that you can only introduce evidence of amounts actually paid to satisfy medical bills, and evidence of amounts necessary to satisfy the bills that have been incurred, but not yet satisfied.

A driver unrestrained
According to the CDC, most of the drivers and passengers killed in car accidents are unrestrained. If a driver wears a seat belt, they can lower the risk of death in a crash by nearly 45 percent and the risk of severe injury by approximately 50 percent. The majority of the time, people in the car are ejected from their seats during a crash and hit the windshield, dashboard, and the steering wheel. All this leads to injuries. Therefore, wearing a seat belt can save you and the people riding with you from severe injuries and possible fatalities.

Knowing the importance and benefits of seat belts, there is a strict and comprehensive seat belt law in North Carolina that guides drivers and passengers on how and when to use them for maximum protection.

Uber driver
In a few years, ride-sharing has become one of the most popular ways to commute in North Carolina and countrywide. And why not, it is economical, feasible, and convenient. Research shows that thousands of people rely on ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber to get to work, do last minute shopping, or go back home after an outing.

Few people get into a ride-sharing car expecting that they’ll be in an accident. Unfortunately, accidents do happen. If you use ride-sharing services often, then this post is a good read for you. Our ride-sharing accident lawyer in North Carolina shares with you what you need to know about the ride-sharing accident and how you can ensure that you’re legally protected in the event of a collision.

Apart from the physical pain and suffering that comes after a car accident, victims also have to face an uphill task to get a fair financial settlement for the injuries and property damages incurred. Since most of the time, injuries are severe, it confines victims to bed and takes weeks and months in recovery. The cost of ongoing medical treatment and loss of income due to missed days at work are financially crippling. And because of all this, victims can’t afford to accept a low-ball offer from insurance companies.

If you or a loved one has been in a car accident in North Carolina and want to investigate your options for full and fair compensation, contact us. Our auto accident lawyer has the experience, knowledge, and expertise to pursue fair compensation and fight for you to get the maximum claim amount for your situation.

riding lawn mower
The sound of lawnmowers around the neighborhood, especially during summers, may seem familiar and harmless. But sadly, it is quite dangerous for approaching motorcycles. As lawns get trimmed, grass clippings are often blown and left on roads, which can lead to severe injuries to motorcyclists and even result in death. Most motorcyclists agree that hitting grass clippings in the road is just like hitting black ice. It’s that dangerous because navigating over slick ice is not easy.

Let’s explain it further:

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