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North and South Carolina Attorneys
Workers' Comp., Personal Injury, & Employment

At The Law Office of Jason E. Taylor, P.C., we focus on personal injury and wrongful death cases. If you have been injured, we can help you. Our clients range from those injured in motorcycle, auto and trucking accidents to those injured at work, by medical malpractice, nursing home abuse & neglect, negligent security, premises liability and negligent construction. We even handle those financially injured by insurance company bad faith and fraud. You can trust our attorneys, investigators, case managers and in-house nurse to work for you. Collectively, our personal injury lawyers have more than a century combined of legal experience specifically helping injured people recover for their losses and we would like the opportunity to help you.

Last year alone we represented more than 300 new clients who had been injured and needed our help to recover their losses. We always work on a contingency fee when we represent those suffering injuries, which means we don't get paid until and unless you do. We practice injury law in both North Carolina and South Carolina with offices in Charlotte, Hickory and Greenville NC as well as Rock Hill and Columbia SC to serve you. Since we handle injury cases throughout both states, we gladly welcome you to any of our office locations or we will be equally as happy to come to you.

Personal Injury

You or a family member may be harmed, but by who is responsible for the injury may be less clear. A slip in fall in a store may have more than one liable party. An accident with a truck that rear-ended you may seem obvious as to who's at fault, however, it may be more than the truck driver and their employer who is liable. The trailer owner may be a different company and they too may be responsible for the injury. Other possible defendants could include; the cargo owner, the loader of the cargo, the logistics coordinator and several other potential liable parties. As an established Charlotte law firm, with offices throughout both Carolinas, we have handled many different types of injury cases and we are ready willing and able to help you or your family or friends with any serious injury or death cases.

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Car Accidents

The attorneys at our office have successfully resolved hundreds of automobile injury cases While most of these injury cases were caused by the negligence of the other driver, some have been related to other less obvious causes like; poor road design, negligent road maintenance, manufacturer defect or negligent repair. The lawyers in our North Carolina and our South Carolina offices understand the various potential causes of action and how to investigate and obtain financial recoveries for these cases. Our car accident attorneys in our Charlotte, Hickory, Greenville and Columbia offices handle cases across both North and South Carolina and will do everything we can to get your auto accident case successfully resolved.****Disclaimer

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Motorcycle Accidents

We know better than most the battles facing an injured motorcyclist. Jason Taylor is an avid motorcycle rider (hence our logo with a motorcycle) and has represented hundreds motorcycle riders throughout his twenty-six years of practicing law. In fact, the North Carolina Association for Justice asked Jason if he would write an article about fighting in court for injured motorcyclist which was published in the Trial Briefs magazine published by North Carolina Advocates for Justice. October 2013 issue "Trying The Motorcycle Accident Case" issue of Trial Magazine. As you can imagine, frequently the injured motorcyclist is in no condition to talk following the accident, and it is the at fault party who gives their version of the facts to police. That, and a natural bias by many against motorcycles makes these cases an uphill battle. This battle is one the Charlotte personal injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. are skilled at fighting and ready to fight that battle for you.****Disclaimer

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Work Injuries

Work injuries are completely different that most injury law cases. Injured worker cases are heard by the Industrial Commission (at the trial court level) rather than our courts and have a unique set of rules that apply. The work injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. have successfully handled hundreds of work injury cases. They understand the importance of not only getting the largest possible financial recovery for our clients, but also how important it is to help our clients get the treatment they need for a complete recovery from their work injury. These cases frequently require motions to be argued before the Industrial Commission to get the client the medical treatment they need before the battle is fought to resolve the future financial aspects of the case.

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Trucking Accidents

Truck accident cases are very different from auto accident cases. A truck accident with a single truck may involve multiple defendants. The trucking company who owns the actual truck may be different than the one who owns the trailer being hauled which may be different than who loaded the load, which may be different than who owns the cargo, which may be different than the one who arranged the shipment and perhaps the logistics. All of these parties are potential defendants and learning who they are and if they were negligent in causing the injuries requires knowledgeable attorneys. Our truck accident lawyers have the knowledge and experience as well as the expert witnesses necessary to help you pursue compensation in your truck accident case.

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Wrongful Death

If a loved one has been killed by the negligence of another, we are sorry for your loss. These horrible cases are called Wrongful Death Cases regardless of how the negligence occurred. In other words, if the death occurred in an auto accident or a medical malpractice, we would still call the case a wrongful death and the statute of limitations in North Carolina would change. These cases require the setting up an estate to pursue the case, and several factors may be relevant from what types of damages may be recoverable to who is able to recover. Some of these factors include things like, pain and suffering, if a spouse exists, are their dependents, children from a prior marriage etc. Our injury attorneys have represented many estates and families in the pursuit and successful recovery in wrongful death cases and want to help you and yours at this very difficult time.****Disclaimer

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Premises Liability

Premises cases are frequently misunderstood by the public. Just because you were injured on another's property does not make them liable for your injuries. Negligence is still, to some varying degree, required. These cases are very difficult, and we are up to the challenge. In fact, Jason Taylor has argued premises cases before the North Carolina Supreme Court and argued many in various courts throughout North Carolina. Negligence of an owner or operator of property can come in many forms, from a failure to properly maintain to inadequate security. Common questions that need to be answered in premises cases include how did the dangerous condition occur? When did the dangerous condition occur? Frequently someone who's injured by a premises case cannot answer those questions or their frustrated answer is, "if I knew, I would have known it was dangerous and would have avoided the danger." That is why it takes experienced premises liability lawyers like the ones at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. to fight for you and help you pursue compensation in your premises case.

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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accidents are becoming only more frequent with cell phones creating more distracted motorist. Unfortunately, the number of people Bicycling and seriously injured or killed by a motorist have gone up over time. While one would think that it is only a problem in cities like Charlotte for example, these collisions frequently occur (about half) in rural areas where bicyclist have gone to look for nice scenic stretches of less traveled country roads, but motorist are often less attentive, and the lanes are narrow with more dips, hills and curves. The lawyers at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. have successfully brought claims and lawsuits for injured bicyclist in cities, towns and rural communities throughout North Carolina and South Carolina.****Disclaimer

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Child Injuries

Protecting the health and safety of children should always be at the center of every adults thinking. Unfortunately, children are at risk for harm by dangerous conditions created by negligent adults. Injuries to a child, whether it is caused by a condition of property, like an unfenced pool, or the conduct of an adult like not stopping behind a stopped school bus, are unacceptable. The parent (guardian) for that child has a right, and frankly, an obligation to pursue a financial recovery for the harm the child suffered. The Charlotte personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. have successfully represented hundreds of children who have been harmed by negligent adults. If your child has been injured, let our attorneys and staff help your child.****Disclaimer

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Construction Accidents

Construction, a process that often involves lots of people focused on different jobs, heavy equipment and awkward materials… is dangerous and sometimes results in injury or death. Even with inspectors, required safety equipment and procedures like those mandated by OSHA, injuries occur. Sometimes these injuries occur because of a negligent coworker, sometimes because a sub contractor's negligent employee, or sometimes it may be a company trying to cut corners. Today, cities like Charlotte or Greenville have cranes lining the sky, a testament to all the dangerous and hard work being done below and around them by everyday folks who count on that work to provide for their families. The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. takes great pride in representing injured workers and getting them not only the money they deserve and are entitled to but helping them fight for the care they need so they can get back to work doing what they enjoy and supporting their family.****Disclaimer

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Dog Bite

Dog bite cases typically involve two types of injuries, physical and psychological. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. have handled many of these types of injury cases for both children and adults, and believe it or not, for other animals. An attack by a dog that results in injury to a child, adult or another animal like a dog frequently involves medical care, and with children and adults lost time from work/school and emotional trauma that needs treatment as well. The victim needs to be made whole again through a successful pursuit of their claim and the dangerous dog needs to be prevented from attacking in the future. While many of us are dog lovers (Jason Taylor has four dogs at home) nobody likes a dangerous dog that hurts the innocent. The injury attorneys at our office stand ready to help you with your dog bite case.

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Nursing Home

Nursing homes are a critical component of our health care system for both our elderly and anyone who is unable to care for themselves and who does not have the necessary support at home. For some, these are long term needs and for others it may be short term. For all, the nursing home must provide a safe environment and at the very least reasonably adequate care for the resident patients. Unfortunately, due to poor management or profit maximizing, some facilities can be more like a dangerous prison than a wellness center. Our family and friends who are the most in need of help, who are the most vulnerable, are the resident patients of these homes, and when abuse or neglect occur, our most vulnerable suffer more severely with injuries or death. Our North Carolina and South Carolina attorneys understand and have helped many families recover from injuries and harm caused by nursing home abuse, neglect or inadequate security.****Disclaimer

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Medical Malpractice

Doctors, Nurses, and Hospitals are where people go when they have an injury or ailment. They go for help with these problems. Unfortunately, sometimes patients do not receive proper care from their health care providers. Patients may be injured or even killed due to the negligence they encounter in their health care. The injury attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. have represented many people and estates with claims against medical providers related to injury or wrongful death. Our attorneys fight for those injured by medical malpractice.

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Auto Fraud

Insurance companies, car dealers and car repair facilities share a common interest we can all understand and agree with, making money. Unfortunately, some of these insurance companies, car dealers and repair facilities do it by lying and cheating and stealing from the general public who unwittingly relied on their service. Most folks don't know much about car engines or car bodies and if the car starts and runs and sounds and looks okay, we don't look any further and think everything is fine. Some used car dealers will not tell you about frame damage to a car you are purchasing and while they know it, the "car fax" they give you does not. Some new car dealers and body shops use used and damaged and non-original manufacturer parts to repair your vehicle, saving money and endangering you and your passengers because the parts are not as safe as required by the manufacturer. The insurance company will frequently not agree to pay for parts that are required or will suggest the damage came from some other event and so they are not responsible when in fact the damages is related. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. can help, we have represented many North Carolina and South Carolina citizens against repair shops, insurance companies and car dealers and successfully recovered our client's losses.****Disclaimer

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Insurance Bad Faith

If you have insurance, you have a contract. Your insurance company, who wrote the policy owes you a duty of fair dealing. Sometimes the insurance company will try and cheat their insured and think either their insured will not figure out that they have been cheated or simply will not do anything about it. While proving bad faith can sometimes be difficult and is harder to do in North Carolina than South Carolina (because NC legislatures are less concerned about their citizens), the attorney's in our offices the attorneys in our office will fight to hold the insurers who act in bad faith accountable. If you have been significantly injured by the bad faith of your insurance company, let the lawyers at The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C. help you.

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What Sets Our Firm Apart?
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  • We have dedicated case managers, claims managers and investigators, who work together on each case as a team.
  • We have and use the technology typically only found in the largest law firms.
  • If you are unable to come to one of our offices, we can and will come to you.
  • As citizens of North Carolina and South Carolina, we believe in supporting our communities, and we make giving back and supporting the communities a responsibility we take seriously.
To My Fellow Riders

I have ridden motorcycles on and off since I was about eight years old. I have been riding again regularly for about the last fifteen years. I know what it is like to ride in the rain, at night, in the cold, in the heat, in traffic on multi-lane trucking routes and everything in between. I know what being run off the road feels like as well as putting your bike down. I understand your experience and I know how to fight for your losses. I hope you never need me, and we meet in a bar or a hot dog line or somewhere in a charity ride and become friends. I would rather call you friend, than client, but if you need someone to fight for your losses, I am here for you, and ready to help you. Cheers to staying vertical.


Client Reviews
"… Larry and his team took over and were able to get us a fair settlement in a short time. I would highly recommend Larry and his team to anyone that finds themselves in an unfortunate situation where they're trying to get an insurance company to treat them fairly. Larry and his team get 5 stars from us! Josh J.
"Eileen and Jason, There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for entrusting your law office with my MVA. I commend and admire your expertise wholeheartedly and with utmost respect. You and Jason have helped me so much so I can better focus on caring for my 3 year old daughter and one year old son. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for either of you now or in the future. N
"Every single person that my family and I came into contact with was so nice, helpful, and thoughtful. I cannot say enough to sing the praises of Jason Taylor and his staff. You helped us navigate through a difficult time in our lives with such compassion and we are eternally grateful for everything. A. and B. D.
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