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Have you or a loved one been injured in a motorcycle accident that someone else caused? My name is Jason Taylor and I have been injured while on my motorcycle by a car driver. No matter how careful you are, a negligent driver on the road can cause you harm, or worse. When this happens, you shouldn't have to cover medical bills, lost income, property damage, diminished value, rental cost or any other loss out of your own pocket. The last thing you need or want to deal with is the insurance company and the legal process they put you through just to get back what you lost at no fault of your own. We know what you are dealing with and we can help. At The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, we are ready to go to work aggressively advocating for your right to a fair financial recovery.

Why Choose Our Motorcycle Accident Attorneys?

There are lots of lawyers out there advertising their services. Don’t be fooled by little logos that say “Top 100” or similar comments of excellence. Look beyond the logo to understand what it means. There are some reputable accreditations to look for, such as the National Board of Trial Advocates, which the United States Supreme Court has recognized for its credentials Jason Taylor has this certification. Look for this actual accreditation; look for the years of experience as it takes years of experience to develop good skills; Look at some of the cases the firm has handled and resolved. Read the Google reviews. Ask the local trial court administrator or bailiffs in the court room of your local court house, they know who fights for their clients, they watch them do it. Too, when it comes to motorcycle accidents it helps to find a lawyer who rides AND who fights, not just says they ride and fight but ACTUALLY do both. If you hire a lawyer who has been practicing more than ten years but has never tried a case or only tried one or two, they might not be prepared to fight for you the way you may need. Jason Taylor has tried over thirty jury trials to verdict as lead counsel. Make sure your lawyer can not only talk the talk but has also many times walked the walk. At the law offices of Jason E. Taylor. P.C. our lawyers have a combined one hundred plus years of experience. Our lawyers regularly go to trial for our clients. Our lawyers have resolved cases for a million dollars and more on many occasions.* Jason is an avid rider with three Harley Davidsons and a chopper. Many of our law firm team members ride. We support the motorcycle community and they have supported us, not because of slick talk but because we have each other’s back and we know who we can depend on.

It is important to everyone at the Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, P.C., what we call team LOJET, to not only do our best for our client’s cases but to also do our best communicating and informing our clients along the way. Law is a service industry and our job is to serve our clients, we know that. Our motorcycle accident attorneys and staff are down-to-earth people who genuinely care about our clients, and we get results. Our firm uses technology that is generally found only in larger law firms, and our skill, knowledge, and experience enable us to provide professional and ethical representation to our injured clients. We can aggressively pursue the full compensation you need to move forward with your life after a serious accident. While we hope and pray you remain safe while out riding, know that we are here to help should the need arise. So, if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident and it was someone else's fault, give us a call and see if we can be a help to you. Otherwise, hope to meet you at a charity poker ride and share a smile and some small talk. Stay Vertical,-Jason Taylor

*We do not guarantee any particular result can be achieved in your case. Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its own individual facts. Past results do not guarantee any future outcomes.

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Client Reviews
"… Larry and his team took over and were able to get us a fair settlement in a short time. I would highly recommend Larry and his team to anyone that finds themselves in an unfortunate situation where they're trying to get an insurance company to treat them fairly. Larry and his team get 5 stars from us! Josh J.
"Eileen and Jason, There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for entrusting your law office with my MVA. I commend and admire your expertise wholeheartedly and with utmost respect. You and Jason have helped me so much so I can better focus on caring for my 3 year old daughter and one year old son. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for either of you now or in the future. N
"Every single person that my family and I came into contact with was so nice, helpful, and thoughtful. I cannot say enough to sing the praises of Jason Taylor and his staff. You helped us navigate through a difficult time in our lives with such compassion and we are eternally grateful for everything. A. and B. D.